What people are saying about the ISAM live tour so far…

“ISAM live has raised the bar, and with the kind of attention it’s gained, what remains to be seen now is how other artists will follow in its footsteps.” -Resident Advisor 5/5

“ISAM’s live show looks like a mindf*&k of the highest order.” -Wired

“The ISAM show was truly breathtaking… Amon Tobin has now tested the limits of audio/visual performance and set a new benchmark.” -Quietus

“Tobin has set a new benchmark for live electronic music with this deafening, dazzling and exhilarating assault on the sense.” -Times 4/5

“This is how to put on a show. Mind-melting.” -Line Of Best Fit

“One of the most ambitious showcases for an album ever.” -The Morning Star

“Amon Tobin raised the bar for electronic musicians everywhere, sucking the audience into a world like no other.” -Music Fix

“The concert of the future, today.” -Gizudo

“Amon Tobin’s massively ambitious live setup seems to have to be seen to be believed.” -The Daily Swarm

“…an incredibly ambitious visual performance that went off without a hitch and proved to be one hell of a way to launch MUTEK 2011.” -Exclaim!