What People Are Saying About Pure Filth @ Coachella

Coachella 2011 is almost here! Check out the fan feedback about the Pure Filth Bass Oasis Dome from the web:


the last couple of years, their stage had the best sound system at all of Coachella.

Last year the Pure Filth stage was epic. Bass-y beats vibrate all the chakras with the Pure filth sound system. Trippy visuals too and a LASER SHOW!! So excited for Coachella 2011 and the Pure Filth Bass Oasis! Baaahahahhahaahaaa… that’s suppose to be a bass line. haha


awsome job on the lineup PF


andy c, and high contrast are gonna have the dome packedd


the Dome will … tap phat ass






the dome is my home


across the fluffy green horizon before me, the beginning of a dome came into focus… Best joyride ever!


shut down da place wit bass


@PureFilthLA at Coachella….so sick line up…Aaaargh je veux mon Jet Privé !!!


u got some the crazy crew out there this year, should be vibes :)


give some props cuz the lineup in that dome is fucking sick-Thx bruv!


On a rig like Pure Filth‘s, dubstep comes to life, lumbering at you like a mutant animal from a feral dream, with fur and horns and claws and big teeth and wild eyes and a crushing gate.

I can’t say enough good things about Kode 9. His set was in the “dome” area, which on this 2nd night of the festival was being hosted by the Pure Filth Sound System, who have one of the most incredible sound set ups I’ve ever seen.


PURE FILTH IS MY FAV SOUNDSYSTEM!!!!!!!!!! On this planet!!!!  But yea pure filth is a gift and a curse its bless 2 have a sound man like Sam XL who overstands both the performer and dj aspect of wanting 2 mash up the party with the HEAVIEST SOUND but still being able 2 maintain that soundman  watch the red 2 much high 2 much bass thing yea like the performer is the pilot and sam xl is like the perfect wingman. And the curse is 4 the other soundsystems and soundman cause im so used 2 pushing the sound that i usually blow up overheat and piss off other soundsystems cause im used 2 pure filth sound and sam xl on the boards haha  – Ras G




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    The 90′ dome is the perfect place for such an incredible show. http://www.domeguys.com/portfolio/24/golden-voice/?back=portfolio

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